Apply For Name Change in Passport in India

Apply For Name Change in Passport in India: If you recently changed your name due to marriage, divorce, or personal choice, updating your passport is an important step in India. This article provides a guide on how to apply for a name change in passport in India, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process in India. By following these steps, you can avoid any complications during your travels and ensure your documents are up to date. So, let’s get started!

Yourdoorstep as passport name change agents in India can assist you in changing your name in passport or Name Correction in Passport in India. Changing your name on your passport in India can be a simple process. Our comprehensive manual aims to make the activity as straightforward as possible and guide you, how to change name in passport in India. Changing your name in a passport in India, requires submitting a formal application to the passport office in India. To ensure a successful name change, it is crucial to follow the guidelines and provide the necessary documents.

We’ve included relevant information, entry forms, and guidance to help you send them now. Modify your passport name in India to improve your given name or to correct any mistakes in Passport in India. To do the same, always ensure your passport name is right.

This article will provide essential information about the passport name change procedure in India and the required paperwork in India.

Documents Required to Name Change in Passport in India
Documents Required to Name Change in Passport in India

Documents Required to Name Change in Passport in India

It was necessary to provide some important documents in order to Name Change in Passport in India.

In order for the process to function effectively in India, it is important to understand the proper procedure for name change in India. Common documents involved in changing your passport name include:

  1. Gazette notification for Name Change in Passport in India
  2. Ads are published in newspapers in India.
  3. Proof of change of name (marriage certificate, divorce decree, or gazette notification).
  4. Proof of date of birth from India (birth certificate, school leaving certificate, or PAN card).
  5. Self-attested photocopies of your spouse’s passport.
  6. Current address proof of India
  7. A photocopy of the first and last page of the old passport, self-attested. The ECR / Non-ECR page should also be included.
  8. The old passport should have a validity extension page and, if applied, an observation page.

Divorced people should also submit a court-certified copy of the divorce decree or a self-attested copy of the divorce certificate to update their passport surname in India.

After obtaining all the necessary documentation, you are ready to begin the name change process in India. Getting the right documents and the correct name for your passport can be done easily.

A name change agent in India can assist you with arranging documents if you contact them and help you Name Change in Passport in India.

Reasons for Name Change in Passport in India
Reasons for Name Change in Passport in India

Reasons for Name Change in Passport in India

The reasons why names change in passports vary, so it’s important to check your passport’s accuracy and compare it with other documents if your name has changed. You should update your passport if necessary. Here are a few reasons you might consider changing your name:

  1. Your passport must be updated when you change your surname after marriage, as all other official documents should also be updated.
  2. A change is needed to avoid problems at customs when remarrying after divorce.
  3. After a divorce, you can keep the same name or change it to the other parent’s.
  4. Astrology reason is also one reason for name change in passport in India.

Whatever the cause, updating your passport to ensure your correct name is captured is vital. 

Eligibility Criteria for Name Change in Passport in India

Before you can start the process of changing your name in India, there are several eligibility criteria that you need to meet. These criteria include:

Being an citizen and having a valid passport.
Providing valid proof for Name Change in Passport in India. This can include a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or gazette notification.

By meeting these requirements, you will be able to initiate the name change process smoothly.

  • The name change affidavit needs to be created for name change in passport in India.
  • The applicant should prepare a document indicating his/her old and new names, as well as the reason for the name change in India.
  • Place an ad in two local newspapers, one of these in English and one in the applicant’s mother tongue.
  • Record the application online through to the Passport Seva web page.
  • Fill out Form No. II for Miscellaneous Facilities.
  • Re-issue the passport from the Regional Passport Service Centre.
Gazette notification for name change in passport in India
Gazette notification for name change in passport in India

How to legally Change Name in Passport in India

Gazette notification is the legal process in India for Name Change in Passport in India:

Without Gazette notification your name will not be officially Name Change in Passport in India. Here is the procedure of name change in Gazette notification:

Name Change Affidavit:

You must first create a name change affidavit, stating the reason for the change.To modify one’s name, a person must begin preparing an affidavit on postal paper inr 10.

All necessary information should be given, including the old name, preferred new name, the reason for modification, home address, and father /  husband’s name.After that, the person should always appear before a notary / legal officer / Magistrate to take the affidavit’s commandment. This, then, must be lawfully attested to.

Newspaper Publication in India for Name Change in Passport:

You should advertise in two newspapers that you have changed your name. An advertisement in a newspaper should be published in two newspapers, one in English and the other in a local newspaper.

Changing your name without a newspaper ad publication is impossible in India. Here, we explain how to write a name change ad in the newspaper.

 I {Old Name} S/o. {Father’s Name} Age {x} Years, Address: {your address, city, state, pin code} has changed my Name from {Old Name} to {New Name} vide Affidavit Number {ABC-0001} dated {DD/MM/YYYY} before Notary by {DD/MM/YYYY}

It is implied by the specific format in which Name Change advertising is published that all the information is to be filled in in the same way. The Notary’s affidavit must also be included in the advertising since the Notary’s name and affidavit number must be included.


Although publication in the Gazette is recommended for everyone. Since the State Gazette started publishing all new name changes for the state, this is an essential component of the name transition process.

After your papers are verified, you will receive the gazette publication with your new name in two weeks. It is then vital that you keep these copies on hand in case you require them for any legal reasons.

Now your name successfully changed, You are fully ready to begin using the new name.

Huge congrats on your new name! Now that you’ve completed the steps of changing your name, you can go forward and begin using that authoritatively over all your everyday activities.

After your Gazette notification is published, you can start trying to obtain updated versions of your passport, voter ID, and some other state issued Id cards. This is really the early stages of your different identity! Take your time and adopt your different identity as you modify your name. Huge congrats!

and you have to take appointment of passport office and provide gazette to passport official and get name change in passport in India

Step-By-Step Process to Update Change Name in Passport in India

  • Here is an improved and more engaging version of the text:
  • To begin the passport reissue process, follow these simple steps:
  • Visit the official website of Passport Seva at
  • Register for an account.
  • Create an application under the “Reissue of Passport” category.
  • Choose the reason for reissue as “Change in Existing Personal Particulars.”
  • Accurately fill in the application form, providing the necessary information and selecting the appropriate options.
  • Upload scanned copies of the required documents.
  • Take a moment to review the application form, ensuring that all details are correct.
  • Submit the application.
  • Make the payment online for the application fee.

By following these straightforward steps, you’ll be well on your way to getting your passport reissued!

Application Submission for Change Name in Passport in India

To complete the process, follow these steps after submitting your application online:

  • Schedule an appointment at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Passport Office.
  • Select a convenient time slot for your visit.
  • Make sure to choose a suitable time that works best for you.

Fee Payment Name Change in Passport in India

To schedule your appointment for name change in passport in India, please ensure that you pay the necessary fee online. The amount of the fee may differ based on the type of service required and the duration of passport validity. For the most up-to-date fee structure, we recommend checking the official website.

Issuance of New Passport for Name Change in Passport in India

After successfully completing the verification process in India, a new passport with the updated name will be issued to you. The passport will then be dispatched to your registered address using the speed post service.

Tracking Application Status of passport in India

To keep tabs on your application’s progress, simply visit the official website and enter your application reference number along with your date of birth. The status of your application will be regularly updated until your passport is issued.

Important Tips for Name Change in Passport in India

  • To ensure a smooth application process, keep in mind the following guidelines:
  • Validity and Self-Attestation: Make sure that all submitted documents are valid and self-attested. This helps in verifying the authenticity of the information.
  • Accuracy of Information: Double-check the accuracy of the provided information in the application form. This helps in avoiding any discrepancies or errors.
  • Timeliness: Arrive at the PSK or Passport Office on time for your appointment. Punctuality is crucial for a hassle-free experience.
  • Dress Code: Follow the dress code specified by the authorities during your visit. Adhering to the prescribed attire maintains professionalism and creates a positive impression.
  • Application Reference Number: Keep a record of your application reference number for future tracking. This allows you to easily track the progress of your application.
  • By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and efficient application process.

How to Father Name Change in Passport in India

Changing the father’s name on the passport may be a complex process. There’s also a long list that has to be planned and coordinated. A few more papers might not even relate to you depending on the primary motivations for changing your father’s name, and it’s vital that you comprehend the particular requirements. The following will just be obligated to overall case scenarios :

  • Authorized passport
  • Copies of the first and last two pages of the original passport, self-attested
  • A copy of the needed Emigration Check (ECR) and non-ECR pages (if needed)
  • A self-certified copy of the validity extension page (if needed)
  • A self-attested copy of the page of observations (if needed)

Take the time to become acquainted with the name change procedure, ensuring all necessary documents are in order.

Documents Must be submitted for Father Name Change in Passport after Marriage in India

When women become married and wish to keep their husband’s name in their passport, they remove their father’s name and keep their husband’s name. The following is the full procedure for changing the name of the father in a passport after marriage:

  • To change the name on a wife’s passport after marriage in India, she needs to update her own passport and her husband’s passport with his father’s name (if it is available). The Wedding Card, as well as an attested copy of your marriage certificate, must also be submitted.
  • A woman who wants to change her name after divorce in India. She must submit a certified copy of her divorce decree. The passport authorities may modify your name in the passport once you have uploaded all the necessary documentation and paid the appropriate fee.

In order to ensure that the procedure runs smoothly and without hiccups, it is important to prepare ahead of time with the necessary documentation. Also, for clarification about the required documents, you should speak to the passport office to get an explanation from the person responsible. The name change agent in India can help you if you think it’s difficult.

Procedure to Father Name Correction in Passport in India

If you want to change the father’s name on your passport in India, you should always implement a procedure.

Father Name Correction in Passport in India
Father Name Correction in Passport in India
  1. The Official Gazette must be published with your new name in India. Additionally, you can hire a lawyer to handle this for you or contact the District Collectors Office for help.
  2. As soon as the Gazette notification has been followed, you should always issue a new passport with the corrected information. It is important to ensure that all documentation is submitted with the application form, the original passport, and a copy of the Gazette notification at the time of application.
  3. The Passport Office always requires that you appear to discuss each of your documents along with them.
  4. In the end, after the discussion and validation, you’ll be able to retrieve your passport with the most current name.

When you use this methodology in India, you can effortlessly correct the father’s name on passport. Focus on following all prerequisites and guidance correctly to ensure a smooth experience.

The passport name change process is not difficult if you hire a passport name change agent in India. They will take care of everything for you.

How to Change Mother Name in passport in India

The process of changing a mother’s name on a passport in India is similar to that of changing a father’s name. You must possess the required documentation to begin the process of switching your mother’s name on the passport:

Mother Name Correction in Passport in India
Mother Name Correction in Passport in India
  • Authentic passport
  • Copies of the first and last two pages of the original passport, self-attested
  • Emigration Check Required (ECR) and non-ECR pages copied (if needed)
  • Affidavit for Name Change according to The Gazette Notification
  • A Marriage Certificate issued by a Government Authority as concrete evidence of name change (if applicable)
  • An Attested copy of the Deed Poll as concrete evidence of name change (if applicable)
  • Aadhaar card, Voter ID, or Driver’s License as concrete evidence of current address.
  • Any other documentation that supports the name change in India.

You should always focus on ensuring that you collect all the necessary documentation, all of which must be either originals or self-attested photocopies.

Name Change in Passport in India after marriage in India

In 2017, prime minister Narendra Modi prompted national discussion when he declared in his address to the Indian Merchants Chamber’s Women’s Wing that women no longer need to change their passport names after marriage.

It provoked numerous responses from inhabitants who presumed this was the circumstance. Amidst the gov’t’s complaint that no name change is necessary after marriage, the Passport Seva webpage instruction sheet took note of it.

Per the Passport Seva portal, women who changed their names after marrying and those who could only have mildly renamed themselves had to confirm that their passport represented the change. This excluded women who decided to preserve their father’s surname and for whom no changes in the application process were needed.

Interestingly, the Prime Minister affirmed the societal significance of a woman’s name after marriage with just this remark, which might represent a step towards modernizing name-change guidelines and improving gender parity in India.

Changing your passport name after marriage in India can be challenging! To ensure that your passport has been amended with your new name, adhere to the directions below:

  1. Go to Passport Seva’s Website and create an account by selecting “Register Now.”
  2. Insert the enrolled Login Information into the platform and click the “Apply for a New Passport / Reissue a Passport” url.
  3. Fill up the form with the requested details and submit this.
  4. Move to the View Saved / Submitted Applications screen and select “Pay and Schedule Appointment.” Before scheduling an appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) / Regional Passport Official, remember to make an online payment (RPO).
  5. Print the Application Reference Number (ARN) / Appointment Date upon receipt of the application.
  6. Bring the original copy to the designated PSK / RPO.

Huge congrats! After those same steps, you will also have authoritatively updated your passport information with your novel married name.

E-form Submission Procedure for Name Change in Passport in India:

  • Go to the home website and download the e-form.
  • To produce the XML file, fill out the e-form and click the Validate and Save button.
  • Use the enrolled login Information to enter the Passport Seva Website Platform.
  • Use the ‘Upload e-Form’ option to upload the XML file.
  • Use the original copy to pay for an appointment at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra/Regional Passport Office.

Documents Required For Name Change in Passport in India After Marriage:

  • A photocopy of the original marriage certificate (self-attested)
  • Original old passport with self-attested printouts of the first two also last two pages, along with the emigration check necessary (ECR) / non-ECR page (initially ECNR) and the page of observation (if there were any) made by the passport authorization server and also the validity extension page, if there were any, in the situation of a passport with just a short timeframe.
  • Evidence of the home location in India.
  • Education proof (10th + 12th + degree certificate) (if completed) from India.
  • A photocopy of the spouse’s identification / passport
  • A photocopy of the original marriage certificate (self-attested) from India.

Best passport name change agents in India :

Yourdoorstep is the best passport name change agents in India across all states. When it concerns changing a name on a passport, any of these agents are passionate about offering timely and dependable services. They deal in passport name change procedure plus documents. Those professionals have a lot of expertise and a variety of connections to simplify and facilitate the name change process.

Faq for Name Change in Passport in India

1. Can I apply for a name change in my passport online in India?

Yes, you can initiate the application process online through the official Passport Seva website.

2. How long does the name change process take in India?

The processing time may vary, but it generally takes around 2-3 weeks to receive the updated passport.

3. What happens if there is an error in my name on the passport in India?

In case of any errors, you can apply for a reissue with the corrected name by following a similar process.

4. Can I change my name in the passport multiple times in India?

Yes, you can change your name in the passport multiple times, but the process and required documents remain the same each time.

5. Is it mandatory to change my name in the passport after marriage in India?

No, it is not mandatory. However, it is advisable to update your passport to avoid any complications during travel.

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